Lifestyle Fitness and Nutrition
In-home personal training specialist


At Lifestyle Fitness and Nutrition a Certified Master Trainer can help you realize how your health and fitness goals can be achieved.  Our training programs focus on complete lifestyle changes, so you can not only see results fast, but also learn how to make time for fitness and make healthier dietary choices. Programs are created around a client’s current fitness level, health history, and personal goals assuring a safe and effective fitness program. We also love to work with small groups of clients looking to achieve the same goal, and we have also found that some of our clients prefer to work in small groups.

Fitness Offerings


Bootcamp classes are designed to help every client achieve results, no matter what their level of fitness is. A bootcamp can be theme based, boot camps for your neighborhood, a group of friends, or for kids on their school breaks.  Call us for more details on how to get a customized boot camp in your area today. 

Corporate Wellness Programs & Seminars

Successful companies have started developing corporate wellness programs and employee benefits that are related to fitness and exercise. Corporate services have helped companies begin to realize a higher rate of productivity from their staff, increased company morale, decreased non-productive hours, better retention of their existing workforce, and higher leverage when seeking to attract new employees. If this sounds like something your company needs, then look no further! 


At home fitness challenges are available to help you achieve your fitness and nutritional goals along with fulfilling a healthy lifestyle. The challenge is a small, exclusive group committed to getting healthy by participating in a workout program for a defined period of time, 6-12 weeks.


Lifestyle Fitness and Nutrition will work with you to design your own customized fitness program that you can follow when you are away from us. All workouts are written out in full detail in a day by day workout plan. 


One-on-one or small group training wherever you have internet access! Train at home, on the road, or anywhere you please with all the benefits of individualized instruction at a fraction of the cost.