Lifestyle Fitness and Nutrition
In-home personal training specialist

Nutritional coaching

There are two sides to a healthier lifestyle, exercise and nutrition.  That is why Lifestyle Fitness and Nutrition is your number one choice for all of your health and wellness needs.

Nutritional coaching is an essential component to your in home personal training and exercise regimen. As a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach you will be given the the support and guidance you need so that all of your goals can be reached. Based on your fitness goals, your current diet will be analyzed to assess if you are on the right track to get the body you desire.  For example, if your goal is weight loss, recommendations would be made on how to obtain a leaner body by addressing the types of food you should be eating, the types of liquid you should be drinking as well as the times of day you should be eating. Diets seldom work and are difficult to maintain. People often end up putting back on all the weight plus extra pounds.

Lifestyle fitness and Nutrition will help you understand which foods will help you reach your fitness goals. It is only through a consistent lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating that one can achieve their fitness goals! There are no magic pills….only hard work and determination will get you there!